Own Your Power

You are powerful! No matter your life circumstances – your position, your educational level, the amount in your bank account, your ethnicity – you still have power.

Power is the possession of control, authority, or influence over others [or events].

Power can come from several sources (IRJRD, 2018). It can come from our position (role power), our knowledge (expertise power), someone giving it to us (projected power), and from our own internal system (personal power). No matter the well our power is coming from at any moment, remember that power is fluid. At one moment we can have high levels of power, then very little in the next. 

What we must remember is that position does not always equate to degree of power. In the past I’d frequently say,  “I’m too low on the totem pole to do anything”. What I now realize is that the lowest position on the totem is powerful in that it provides stability for each section above it. 

You are an expert in some area. There is someone who is watching and looking up to you. You have to believe in your power. See yourself as powerful. Do the power stance. Give yourself a powerful mantra to repeat. Move in power with your head high, shoulders back, chest out, back erect, and steps solid. 

Own your power! I dare you. 

© 2018 She GLOWS, Inc.

No portion of this writing or any writings published within this blog shall be copied without the expressed written consent of the author, nor without proper acknowledgement given to the author.

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