Temporary Sacrifice

Temporary sacrifice. Long-term gain. I have repeated this to myself several times over the last year. I’ve said it about my physical health and personal finances mostly. I’ve reached out to professionals to help me in two areas where I currently struggle. And the one thing that I’ve learned in both are, saying no today means being able to say yes tomorrow.

I’ve learned to say no to those tasty treats in the break room, or that pair of shoes that on the clearance rack, in order to say yes to living in a body with far fewer aches, and more dollars than days every month. This means right now, I can’t go on the trips, eat out all the time, sleep in, or forego a scheduled workout. Right now I budget for a personal trainer instead of for restaurants or movies, because I know I need the accountability. I can readily admit, without shame, that I cannot afford to do something with friends and family.

I’m currently focused on being the best me possible, instead of being the best imitation of what I think people expect me to be. In the end, I know I will come out on top because of persistence, consistency, and obedience.

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