Accountability is a key component to establishing and maintaining total wellness. I have at least one accountability partner for every area of wellness. Some of them I pay for their services, others it’s just the cost of friendship.

I have a trainer for physical wellness, and I have a friend that I workout with on the weekends.This friend also listens to and supports my dreams, many of which only she and I know about.

I also have people at work who politely push me to seek out opportunities that could further my career. My career mentor is phenomenal at this.

Spiritually, I have a group of sisters that I meet with every morning for scripture, song, prayer, and girl talk. And I have a work prayer circle. Plus a family that prays, has faith, and is willing to do the work.

Financially, I have someone who is helping me make wiser money decisions that will provide for my family and me in the long run.

I do my best to practice self-care, and this counselor has a counselor. Mental and emotional health are vital to my well-being.

As an introvert its crucial that I have extroverted friends or at least friends who are less introverted than I am. I have a group of ladies with whom I brunch occasionally, a friend that I have drinks with weekly, and friends that I can just go to their homes and do absolutely nothing.

These are my accountability circles. Most intertwine, a few don’t. Sometimes we don’t realize the support systems we already have. Sometimes we’re afraid to reach out because of what people may think or say. Seeking support is a sign of strength not weakness. Being humble enough to reach out is not pathetic, it is being passionate about your health and wellness.

Start with one or two people in your accountability circles. If you’re reading this and thinking, “well I don’t even have that”, email us,, and we will  help connect you to a person or agency in your area.

We are not made to travel this journey alone. Seek positive relationships that encourage you to be your best self.

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