In all transparency…


In all transparency, 2017 was hard.  I lost several loved ones, and ended a marriage that was lost long ago.  I cried to God, family, and friends. I was in one of the hardest fights of my life… a fight for me.  It felt like every time I started to get back up, Life threw me an uppercut and flew me across the ring.

I was beaten.

Then I was reminded of who I am and whose I am.  My parents didn’t raise me to sit down on Life.  My God didn’t form me out of nothing only to leave me hopeless.

The loss of my loved ones is nothing compared to what their immediate families have experienced.  The end of my marriage has honestly been a relief.  This doesn’t negate anything that happened, just puts it all into perspective for me.

So I got up and I fought.

I fought to gain my identity back, and to remember who I was and who I was becoming seven years ago.  I fought for my health, and exercised more, ate better, and loved what I saw in the mirror no matter what.  I fought procrastination and self-doubt in order to do the work required to finally finish my dissertation and earn my doctorate.  I fought to be as consistent as possible with She GLOWS, Inc., to grow this organization, present and create discussion about women’s health and wellness, and provide positive social opportunities for women from various walks of life.

And every day that I fought was one less battle to overcome.

I look at the lives of the women around me and I am grateful for your daily fights because you encourage me. Grace. Love. Optimism. Wisdom. Sisterhood.  I wanted these intangible gifts when I felt I had nothing.  These are now the gifts that I fight to keep. She GLOWS you can too! This is more than a cute tagline. This is how I would encourage myself when I saw women achieving in areas where I felt I wasn’t.  I turned my slight envy into an invitation for myself and others to reach our full potential and have total wellness.

For all of you who have been a part of my private struggles or public successes, thank you.  Thank you for taking this journey with me.  It is my hope that each of you will continue with me, with She GLOWS, Inc., throughout 2018 and beyond.

Because in all transparency, She GLOWS, Inc. has a vision and mission to fulfill.

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No portion of this writing or any writings published within this blog shall be copied without the expressed written consent of the author, nor without proper acknowledgement given to the author.

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