She GLOWS Spotlight – TaKiyah Wallace


Photo credit: Esther H. Photography

TaKiyah Wallace describes herself as a “Humorist. Serial Creative. Photographer. Actor. Former Educator. Raising Intelligent Loud Savages,” and she is truly all of these and more. TaKiyah epitomizes the She GLOWS spirit because of her uncanny ability to speak her truth in love, highlight other women who are walking in their calling, and reach out and help others, especially young people, who just need a little bit of help to achieve their dreams.

In a word, TaKiyah is passionate. As an educator she was passionate about ensuring her students received the best education, the best opportunity, despite attending what was considered one of the poorest and lowest performing schools in the district. As a photographer she is passionate about capturing what her eyes sees through the camera lens and having the audience understand it. And she is definitely passionate about her “Savages”. She works overtime to open the world to her children so that they can experience it on their own terms.

What TaKiyah may not tell you is that she is the founder of a little nonprofit that has become a global sensation, Brown Girls Do Ballet.   This organization grew from an effort to encourage her own daughter’s love for ballet.  TaKiyah wanted to show her daughter, and other girls of color, that they are represented within the industry. Additionally, to emphasize the beauty of natural African-American hair, in all its many forms, TaKiyah founded Frogressive. Furthermore, she is in the process of opening up her own art gallery, in the Oak Cliff area of Dallas,TX, called The Pass Thru Gallery. In her free time, which she has little of, TaKiyah provides hilarious commentary about being a wife, mother, entrepreneur, and just a citizen of the planet Earth.

We are proud to have TaKiyah Wallace as our April #SheGLOWSSpotlight

We are looking for more women for our Wednesday Spotlight. If you know of a woman in your local community, and #SheGLOWS, please submit a nomination form. We would love to shine light on women who display Grace, Love, Optimism, Wisdom, and Sisterhood in their daily lives.

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