She GLOWS Spotlight – Tonya Major

tm Tonya Major

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Education: Roosevelt High School; Texas Woman’s University – Bachelors Degree in Education K-8; Texas A&M University-Commerce  – Masters Degree in Counseling

Tonya GLOWS in all that she does, as the mother of Bri and Jace, the Director of Student Success at King’s University, the owner and operator of Major Transformations Counseling Services, and friend and family member.

Tonya has a heart of grace and always exemplifies God’s love for others. Tonya’s love for her family, friends and students is shown in her passionate advocacy, genuine support for others’ well-being and continuous care for people. She is a true example of optimism and hope. Tonya faces challenges with a smile, and uses difficult experiences to model a positive attitude for others. Her wisdom is exemplified in her communication style. She is a wise listener, shows humility and approachability in her communication, and shares her knowledge in a professional manner. Tonya has a gift for words that inspires those around her to learn from her wisdom. She creates connections and builds positive relationships with others very easily. Tonya creates community and sisterhood naturally because of her thoughtfulness, engaging personality and humor. She is easy to love and relationships are a priority in Tonya’s life. Tonya’s personality GLOWS and lights a path for those who are lucky enough to know her.

We are proud to have Tonya Major as our #SheGLOWSSpotlight.

We are looking for more women for our Wednesday Spotlight. If you know of a woman in your local community, and #SheGLOWS, please submit a nomination form. We would love to shine light on women who display Grace, Love, Optimism, Wisdom, and Sisterhood in their daily lives.

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