Tis’ the Season

Yes it is the holiday season, and whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or something else, this time of year can be stressful for many. Here are three ways to minimize stress during the holidays.

1. Plan throughout the year.
Buy gifts, decorations, and other holiday items throughout the year and save them for now. Also, save a little each month specifically for your holiday expenses.

2. Give (and receive) the gift of “No”.
You do not have to attend every party, participate in each gift exchange, but all the gifts on their lists, visit every family member or household. It is okay to say No. It is also okay to not explain your No. You cannot do everything. No one can. Saying yes to everyone else’s expectations causes stress, exhaustion, and a lot of negative thoughts and attitudes. Do yourself and everyone else a favor and simply (and politely) say, “No”.

3. Remember your reason.
Why are you choosing to do or not do something? Are you giving gifts or attending events out of love, appreciation, and fun? Or is it out of feelings of obligation and competition? If your heart isn’t in it, either change your perspective about the activity or refrain from it altogether.

All 3 of these strategies can be used to limit stress throughout the entire year. Pre-planning reduces the likelihood of stress. Saying no and setting boundaries for yourself and others sets expectations and decreases stress. And, remembering your purpose for an activity, will remind you of its value in your life, and helps eliminate those things that are not of value.

Remember, She GLOWS and you can too.

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