Parable of the Sponge

I was having a conversation about wellness with a group of women a few weeks ago and one of the ladies made a comment that has resonated with me.

Even sponges need to drip.

Like sponges, many of us take in.  We take in the emotions, feelings, stressors, celebrations, treasures, and trash of others. For better or worse our sense of empathy towards the situations of those around us is quite keen.

And that’s okay.

People need people who care about the events of their day. People need people who will just listen, provide a shoulder, give congratulations, offer sound advice and help.

Be that person.

But also be the person who knows when and how to be there for herself. Be the person who knows that selfishness isn’t always a bad characteristic to display.

Be the person who knows that knows that for sponges to be effective they have to eventually release everything they take in. Sponges must have time to drip, either slowly or all at once. Sponges must have time to decompress and dry out and return to their original form.

And that’s okay.

Give yourself permission to feel and empathize with your whole self. Then give yourself permission to drip.

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