Bubbles and Boxes

As I sit here awakened by the sound of wind and rain, and scroll through Facebook, I think about friends and family. I think about how relationships evolve. Some die out never to return, while others that were seemingly extinct have a miraculous second coming. Then there are those that become watermarks, not quite gone but not really there.

Then I think about my role in the evolution of some of these relationships. I readily admit to being an introvert. I can and will socialize, but I get my energy from solitude. I also know this characteristic has hampered many of my relationships. I am not the friend or family member that calls and keeps in touch. Neither am I the one that will go to a club, concert, or any other large gathering with you. I’m the one that moves to a different part of the city, state, or country and is rarely heard from or seen again.

And I am wrong for that.

In 2015 I made a resolution to become more sociable. I joined my neighborhood social committee and a community social group for professionals, and tried to get out the house a bit more. I was tired of seeing pictures of childhood friends and college friends hanging out and wishing it were me. I’d gone so far into my introverted bubble that I was shutting everyone except my husband out. I literally had anxiety about being in social situations. I was socially sick.

Now, for a year I’ve had girlfriend meetups, hung out with coworkers after work, went to events without my husband (who is my extroverted social anchor), invited people into my home (a major step for me), and became intentional about calling or texting people.

I needed to do more than get out of my comfort zone. I needed to tear down the whole damn box I created.

As 2015 wraps up, I realize I have much further to go in this socializing journey of mine. I will no longer complain about having nothing to do, or friendships fading away. I will continue to venture out on my own, smile for no reason in particular, and strike up random conversations with strangers. I will always be an introvert, but I refuse to be a hermit.

Going into 2016, my question to you is what bubbles need to be burst and boxes need to be broken in your life? What area of your life needs a wellness revamp? Is it your physical, mental, spiritual , social, financial, or career health?

When any one part of our lives is not at its best it affects all the other areas in our lives. Give yourself permission to take care of you. Start today.

Remember, She GLOWS, you can too.


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