About Us

She GLOWS, Inc. is a labor of love birthed from a need to socialize with women from different backgrounds.  We’ve noticed that as we get older our social circles grow smaller and it becomes more difficult to establish and nourish friendships new and old.

She GLOWS, Inc. started as a New Year’s resolution to become more sociable, and has grown into an endeavor to recognize the importance of self-care and wellness for women.  In order to be who we need to be for our families and friends, we must first be who we need to be for ourselves.

She GLOWS, Inc. endeavors to always create an environment where women can come together, share their stories, and uplift one another in grace, love, optimism, wisdom, and sisterhood.  We accomplish this through social outings, outreach opportunities, and other events all designed to nourish the whole woman from the inside out.

She GLOWS and you can too!

Vision & Mission

The vision of She GLOWS, Inc. is to help women of diverse backgrounds realize the importance of embracing grace, love, optimism, wisdom, and sisterhood in their own lives as a means of maintaining self-care and personal wellness.

This is accomplished by cultivating a culture of sisterhood and friendship by organizing opportunities for women to meet one another, share their stories, and lift one another up in grace, love, optimism, and wisdom.